Led end-to-end design of an intuitive platform for investors in the ESG space

My Role

UX/UI Designer & Product Owner


User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, High Fidelity Wireframes, Prototypes and UI, Website Design, Design System

Project Type

B2B SaaS


In response to growing regulatory and market pressure on investors to prioritise issues on environment, social and governance (ESG), Maanch has developed the Engagement Tracker(ET). ET is a tool that allows investors to effectively dialogue with public-listed companies they invest in, regarding pressing issues like reducing their carbon emissions, bringing board diversity, achieving net zero.

The Vision

Disrupt the status quo by blending design and technology while integrating ESG data for informed decision-making, catalysing a future where decisions are driven by historic trends and ESG data.

The existing recording process relied heavily on individual spreadsheets, leading to chaos among team members, especially during the March-May reporting and voting season. These workflows hindered scalability and restricted the integration of third-party ESG data for improved decision-making.

With data siloes, inefficiencies of spreadsheet-based tracking and lack of collaboration, Maanch envisioned to introduce a user-centric SaaS platform targeted to solve these pain-points.


By conducting user interviews with over 100+ investors to understand their pain-points and needs, we discovered the solution to be a cloud-based SaaS platform with a focus on standardised data collection, ESG data integration and reduced report creation time.

Richer discovery and easy reporting

It was pivotal for us to create an intuitive platform with a strong focus on company discoverability, seamless navigation throughout the platform and capturing relevant data points.

Fueling innovation through collaboration

By integrating ESG data, the platform boosts workflow productivity and provides instant access to ESG insights. Highly configurable, Maanch Engagement Tracker empowers users to customise reports and drive impactful decision-making in their ESG workflows.

"Maanch’s Engagement Tracker gives us a systematic and efficient way of recording and processing the data we collect from our bilateral engagement. It allows the industry to deliver much clearer engagement attributions to clients."

Nicollas Faller (Co – CEO Asset Management, UBP)

Outcomes achieved


ESG engagements closed


Time reduction in compiling reports compared to spreadsheets


High profile investors (our clients)