D2C rebranding to enhance brand presence and increase conversions

My Role

Graphic, Web Design & Creative Lead


Brand Identity Design, Website Design

Project Type

Brand + Website


NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members is a UK professional body for experienced and aspiring non-executive directors and board members. The team at Agaetis was tasked to recreate the visual identity of the brand that aligned with their values and gave them a competitive advantage.

The Vision

To create a new face and reposition the brand in the market that will put the brand front-of-mind with current and new customers. The vision was also to stay current, reflect brand's new goals, products and offering and ultimately align the website with the same.

I conducted some analysis on the old logo and brief the client with my insights. The symbol in isolation, was unclear at first glance and also cluttered the logo as a whole. As the name was in title case, the silhouette felt a bit awkward and lacked harmony. Some things that worked in the logo though were contrast the words created on the dark background worked really well. Also, the logo when separated from the symbol, felt cleaner and more sophisticated.

My team member and I moved on to first analysing some competitors in the market. What we noticed that most successful and memorable brands in the space were bold, clear and quite simple.

Choosing the text style

In order to maintain clarity and legibility (especially in tight spaces), we offered multiple creative directions to the client. The typeface we were looking at was sans serif as the clear and crisp lines made the logo appear modern and approachable. They are also ideal for website designs as the clean lines and sharp edges render clearly on a screen which increase legibility for users.

Choosing colours

Colour is a powerful brand asset. We wanted to stay with the Azure Blue from the old logo but we added some darker colours like Charcoal Grey and Charcoal Tinted Grey which we planned to use for bold headlines on presentations and websites. We also added a shade of Azure Blue – Cobalt Blue which added some depth in the colour palette. And lastly we added yellow to make the palette dynamic and warm.


Rectangles and squares are one of the most popular shapes used in design, as they provide both structure and definition. The shape of a square conveys a sense of trust and security to viewers, while also appearing to be straightforward and unassuming. Using a rectangular shape as the foundation, with a cool colour scheme, is a great way to symbolise order, trust, stability, and a sense of being grounded.

Adding a shifted block in the middle of the rectangle keeps the design interesting, and can also be used to represent a logo as a puzzle block. At NEDs, we believe that we are the piece of the puzzle missing for businesses. We are the perfect partner to provide all the essential elements needed for a successful business.

Outcomes achieved


Successfully launched the brand in 6 months


Increase in website traction and lead gen


Increase in LinkedIn followers post rebranding