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Reading room is an app that allows students to book a quiet room in a library where they can read and study. Students can select a custom time and date that they wish to book the room for.


UI Design



All the illustrations have been sourced from Freepik


One click login for the users

If the user has not created an account the user can create an account by clicking the button at the bottom which has been placed conveniently for easy accessibility. There is a progress on-boarding so as to reduce cognitive stress.

Userflow + Wireframes

Booking a seat

Easy flow to book a seat

The app has pre-defined hours that the user can book the seat for, It allows them to book the seat for multiple dates as well. User selects a package which is on the basis of hours, selects a date or multiple dates, checks the details and makes the payment.  

Intuitive dashboard

User dashboard helps them to keep a track of their old, upcoming and completed bookings.

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