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Top unusual bands that I listen to

Are you bored of your playlist while you work from home?

Here are my top bands that I have been experimenting with and I think not many folks out there know about them. Also, I am in love with all of them!

(NOTE: The last one was purely experiment but trust me their music grows on you)

Comment down below your top bands that you think are unusual!

Sigur Ros

An Icelandic avant-rock band are known for their ethereal sound, frontman Jónsi's falsetto vocals, and the use of bowed guitar

All-time favourite: Svefn-g-englar


The music is very dark and moody. The most commonly used term to describe Khruangbin's music is Thai funk

All-time favourite: People Everywhere (Still Alive)

Thievery Corporation

They are electronic music duo and the mix styles like dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern music, hip hop and bossa nova

Current favourite: Un simple histoire


The young, London-based Afrobeat band

achieve a perfect blend of West African rhythms and improv

Current favourite: Abusey Junction


The trio’s finicky electronic pop can feel like sonic morphine, but they can pack a polite punch when they bring out their bluesy side

Current favourite: 3WW

Ssing Ssing

They are a cross-dressing, Asian rock band

and you would hardly think they're singing music inspired by traditional Korean folk

Current favourite: Minyo Medley

All rights reserved by the artists

The post is made to share the love of music with people that are not aware of such beautiful artists out there. I hold no credit of the song or artists mention.

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