Population Influx Infographic | Data Design

Understanding the effect of NCDs on our ageing population and the rising opportunity to implement Salutogenic design.



Infographic, Data Design



Analysing the data

Before even jumping into the design phase, it was very important to understand what the data in the infographic was going to communicate. Some of the vital questions to be asked were who is going to be reading the infographic, what is the purpose of the infographic and how do you want the person to feel once they understand the infographic.

Once all these questions were answered, I then did a quick audit of the existing data dump which was provided in the initial stage. It was difficult to choose what was supposed to be in the final infographic and if the data was correctly represented.

My Role:

Understand and design the infographic which makes it easier for the user to understand the benefits and purpose of the study.


Population Influx

This paper explores the Ikigai concept that can help us create a thriving mixing bowl where each and everyone can ignite the sense of coherence.


The study involves surveys, statistical analysis of demographics. age, sex, health conditions and corresponding infrastructure system of current and projected data to support data-driver design ideas.

Note: All the data used for this project has been curated by Darshita Gillies, Maneka Kunder and Jun Jia. My contribution to this project was purely graphic related.