In January 2015 I joined Agaetis Technologies as a Sr. UI/UX Designer – since then I’m responsible for the digital and web design solution for Maanch as well as branding and corporate website for Agaetis Technologies.


In 2018, after designing a basic demo for the first round of investments we were set for a soft launch in Sept. 2018, at the House of Lords in London. 


Identity & Branding, Digital & UI/UX




2018 - Present

First global impact platform

Maanch is the first global impact platform designed to facilitate funding to worthy projects using the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

My Role:

• Designing Maanch brand and product independently
• Developed and maintained a design systems
• User research, prototyping, UI design


• On-boarded more than 60 receivers within 2 months of launch
• Awarded as the Start up of the year, UK-India 2019

After identifying the basic problem in online philanthropic web-platforms, we soon realised that there was need for a solution that can track every stage of a donation. 

What happens with your money once it gets credited to the charity/organisations account!

Ideation/User research

Defining the various avenues to the platform

A user who is looking to raise money [Receivers]

A user who is looking to fund [Funders]

A platform where this transaction would take place

We are currently building the first Avenue of the product, the receiver’s side: a user can create a project and track the impact of the project

Once we identified the first type of user i.e. social impact organizations across the UK following were our next steps:

  • Create a progressive on-boarding which would reduce the cognitive load on the user

  • Integrate third party API to get all the information from Charity Commission

  • Integrate one-click data population with single input of the charity name or registration id

  • To cover the non-registered charities we created a simple enquiry form for them to register.

"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings." 

– Tom & David Kelley, Creative Brothers at IDEO


On-boarding process for UK registered receiver 


On-boarding process for non-registered receivers

Once registered with Maanch, the users can access their dashboard

With the API integration, we help the receivers save a lot of time in filing in the details which would later be viewed by the Funders. All receiver data is pulled from the CC which limits the receiver to any profile edits

To familiarise the receiver to the concept of SDGs, we created an SDG generator which maps the topics being addressed by the receiver to the SDGs impacted. 

Receiver Dashboard: Overview, Project List, Impact screens

To eliminate manual entry of profile data by the users, we have designed a reward system and broke down profile into sub-tasks which increase their profile strength and in-turn gives them a better opportunity to get funded.

On completion of the profile, a receiver can create a unique project

1. Project Information

This step is the barebones of the project. Users can add an image, video, title, summary, timeline and all other basic information about the project.

Now that the profile was completed, the receiver could create their project. I devised a simple three step step project creation.

2. Impact and Success Indicators

The longest step in the project creation, the user could add up to five topics that were being addressed and the actions being taken for each topic.

The reason for the length of this step is to collect all possible data about the project for accurate impact mapping

3. Financial Information

Similar to the previous steps all fields are divided into different groups for a user to better understand the purpose of the data entry 

Project creation screens

For input at a later stage we created a feature save and exit

Users can access their project drafts, live or closed projects, preview the funder view and download a two page pdf of the project

With the mapping completed at the backend this is an auto-generated step where a user can view: 
• SDGs impacted
• Needs intensity meter
• Five pillar graph 
• Project contact details


Auto-generated Step 04 - SDGs Impacted, Needs intensity meter, Five pillar graph & Project contact details

At this point Maanch is 30% complete and are currently building phase II as you read on